Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Photo Updates: More Hawaii Adventures

Much pictures. Such updates. Very vacation. Wow.

It's my last week on the island before I go back to the mainland. It's been really fun showing Jon around the island and just hanging out with him in my hometown. We've been doing lots of eating

We went to Zippy's in Waimalu for dessert one night just to get out of the house. I forgot to take a picture of my bread pudding.

Lunch at Max's of Manila--a Filipino restaurant--near the Nimitz Costco with Jon and my mom. He's had filipino food before and likes it. I LOVE this dish above called Kare Kare. Basically it's a PEANUTBUTTER BEEF STEW. That's right. It's delicious too. I make it at home sometimes for Jon, but I can never make it as good.

Jon ended up ordering the Crispy Pata. He loves pork, so this was right up his alley. I love the crispy skin on it. Such delicious. Much yum. Very food. Wow.

For dessert the three of us shared a Halo Halo. Ube (taro) ice cream and leche flan were always my faves as a kid. Jon doesn't really like sweets too much but he loved this! Success!

Sunday night we went to Kissaten near Ala Moana. Kissaten is really cute and quirky. It's a 24 hour Cafe that sells coffee, teas, desserts, and food. Their menu changes often (sometimes it's pasta, sometimes it's Pho) but it's all really yummy. I had the Gyudon and Jon had the Pesto Pasta and the Udon (which I didn't take a picture of). We were there with AJ and Raf to play some board games/card games. I officially really strongly dislike the game Traitor. It's a game where you have to lie!! Well, you don't have to, but you have to figure out who you can trust and who you can't and sometimes need to lie in order to figure it out. During one round I was CONVINCED that I could trust Raf and it turned out he wasn't on my side and was completely lying to me. I was so devastated I burst into tears! >_< I hate this game. It's so stressful! He felt terrible after that of course, and there were no hard feelings, but I'm definitely never playing that game again. We ended the night with a game of Small World (a game which you try to conquer as much land as possible) which was much more fun for me. Phew.

Monday was spent with Dawn and her sister Alyssa! :) Jon and I went to have Pho with them for lunch and dessert with them at this famous place called Samurai where their ice cream is colorful and SO DELICIOUS. This is the kid's size of the Vanilla/Strawberry by the way. The regular size is probably about three times this size! I am in love. I want to go back. It's definitely worth the hype for me.

Next we went into town to McCully Shopping Center to go to Purikura! Basically it's this store that's full of about 8 Asian-style photo booths. You pay $8 to take photos that come out as stickers. You get to decorate the photos however you want and, or course, you get super KAWAII (cute in Japanese) photos with huge dolly eyes.

I can't for the life of me remember what this donut place was called but it smelled and looked amazing in there! They have cereal donuts, wonderful smelling blueberry donuts, and a maple bacon donut, which Jon tried out! He was super excited! Jon, Dawn and Alyssa got some, but I passed. I was still full from Pho and Samurai!

Alright. Literally all we did on Monday was eat. After getting donuts we went to get dinner at this Ramen place in Ala Moana called Goma Tei. I'm serious. We just ate all day. SO MUCH FOOD. It was probably the best ramen I've ever had. I want to go back! I think we all ordered Tan Tan Ramen with Char Sui.

Alyssa and Dawn sharing a Tan Tan Ramen.

I've been using my polaroid camera a lot more lately too! You can see I even took a picture of Small World during game night at Kissaten!

Do you guys like when I do photo updates? I want to do them more often, even when I go back to Arizona. Sometimes I feel like there's nothing to take a picture of though! Right now I'm on vacation so it's easy, but during my daily life, I'm not sure there's anything interesting enough. Should I make more effort during my daily life to take more photos? What do you think? 


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