Monday, March 31, 2014

La Bocca Urban Pizzeria in Tempe, AZ

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Pretty good! I would go again, but probably not for a while. :)
I spent the weekend up in the Phoenix area because my sister went out of town and asked me to watch her pup. Saturday afternoon/evening Jon and I walked around Mill Ave just to get out of the house and grab a bite to eat. It took us FOR. EVER. to settle on a place, but eventually we decided on La Bocca. Basically it was great! I'd definitely go again. :)

{PRICE} $$
I wouldn't call this place cheap but it's definitely doable. Bruchetta plates and pastas around $14, salads around $8. Jon and I shared an appetizer and a main dish with a side salad to cut down on the price.

{VIBE} Classy, Quality, Seemingly Pricey
The place definitely feels very expensive. When we walked in, all we saw were well-dressed men and women sipping glasses of wine, pinkies up. Jon literally felt the need to ask the hostess if we were even allowed in with our outfits (we were both dressed casually, in shorts). She assured us we were fine. ;) 

We sat outside on the patio at one of the couches. It made eating dinner on a couch feel very fancy and hip. They're definitely a restaurant of higher quality.

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I asked our waitress to take our photo, and she happily obliged. :) Our waitress was great! She was helpful, knowledgeable and friendly!
{SERVICE} Above Average
Our waitress was helpful, friendly and seemed like she knew the menu well. She could rate different dishes and gave us some suggestions. She didn't disappear on us, and she gave us the option of choosing when our main course came out, giving us more time to enjoy our appetizer which is something Jon is really big on. He hates when all the food comes out at once and has no time to enjoy everything.

{FOOD} 4/5
Now comes the fun part. The food was delicious! As I mentioned, we shared everything. The pasta came with a (not pictured) side salad (we chose Caesar over Vinaigrette per our waitress's advice). Yummy, but nothing out of the ordinary. Then, they bring out this baby.

 photo REST02_zpse20e5892.png
The Anti-Pasti Plate. SUCH YUM. I'd come back just for this.
Those things on toothpicks are prosciutto-wrapped goat cheese. The most delicious thing on this plate. YUM. Then there's salami, manchego cheese, pesto, olives, dijon, roasted garlic and toast drizzled with olive oil. All of this stuff was amazing (minus the'd think with a last name like Olivas, I'd like olives but I don't.) and I would definitely recommend this plate!

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The prosciutto-wrapped goat cheese was the best thing on this plate (the thing on the toothpicks). Delish.
We also got the Rustic Marinara pasta. Not gonna lie, at first, I wasn't impressed. The first bite I took immediately reminded me of Spaghetti-Os. No joke. The texture, taste, everything about it. But Jon added some Parmesan cheese and pepper flakes to it, and all was well.

The more I ate, the more I started realizing how extremely delicious the fresh, home-made pasta noodles themselves were. They were perfect. I can't stress enough how GREAT they were. I've never tasted fresh pasta before! I'm hooked! The sauce, was okay, but the PASTA.

Jon's told me about real, authentic Italian food before. He said that they're mostly pretty plain with bland sauces so that the pasta can really shine. I didn't really get it until then. I wouldn't necessarily suggest this dish to someone else, mostly because of the sauce, but I still enjoyed it.

We finished every bite, and were completely full and satisfied even having shared. I would definitely come back to this place to try a different pasta dish.

SO, That's it!
I'm thinking about doing more restaurant reviews in the future. What do you guys think about them? Are you interested in seeing them, or would you just rather me stick to casually sharing

 photo REST06_zps967c051c.png
A little dark, because it was already night out, but I wanted to include the pasta!

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