Saturday, April 12, 2014

How to Stay Organized: Planner Organization Tips

Between school, work, interning, running a blog, two YouTube channels and an online magazine (not to mention my social life), I have to stay really organized in order on top of things. My planner is my number one tool in staying organized. If I ever leave it at home, I feel completely lost!

{Write down EVERYTHING}
I write down my schedule for every. single. day. That includes what time I have class, work, or my internship. Even though I've memorized my schedule, having a visual reminder preps my mind. Plus, having to write down my schedule every week, and cross things out every day force me to make using my planner a habit.

{Visual Organization....How I Use a Highlighter}
Most people I know use highlighters to make important things stand out. I actually use them to cross things out. It's something I picked up at work. I would get pages and pages of different documents, named only with long number series. After crossing out hundreds of documents, finding the one or two documents I didn't cross out in a sea of black was difficult. When I cross things out with a highlighter, not only can I still see what it is I crossed out, but I can immediately see what hasn't been crossed out.

{Sticky Notes}
I always stick a decent amount of sticky notes to the inside cover of my planner. That way I have them on hand at all times. For tasks that I need to do but have no definite deadline, I tend to write them on sticky notes so that I can move them if I end up procrastinating them to the next week.

{Small Goals}
Sometimes thinking about the million and one things I have to do really stresses me out. Instead of writing things like "Do homework by Monday" I'll write "Work on homework for at least one hour." It's a smaller goal that makes me less hesitant to do it.

How do you stay organized?
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