Sunday, April 20, 2014

Make Up For Nerds: Fandom Cosmetics Review

FTC Disclaimer: All products were sent to me for review, however all opinions are 100% my own. This post does not contain affiliate links.

 When I first heard about Fandom Cosmetics, I was immediately sold. Make up inspired by all of my favorite fandoms? One of my biggest guilty pleasures in life is geeking out on all my favorite fandoms, including Harry Potter, Once Upon a Time, Doctor Who etc. So how could I resist the combination of two of my lifetime favorites -- nerdy fandoms and make up! This company sells nail polishes and loose eye-shadows (among other things) inspired by everything from Disney and Sailor Moon to Doctor Who and Sherlock.

Each full-sized bottle runs about $9, but you can also get mini sizes for $4.50!

Annie, one of the founders of the company, was kind enough to send me three nail polishes to review here for you guys. Here's what I got (from L-R):

  • "Depths of Despair": From their Anne of Green Gables collection. An opaque black base, filled with holographic purple and burnt rose dust.
  • "Off With Her Head!": From their Alice in Wonderland collection. A glitter bomb filled with spades, clubs, diamonds, hearts and white matte glitter.
  • "Fruit Loops": From their Big Bang Theory collection. A glitter bomb filled with metallic donut-shaped glitter, holographic silver dots, holographic silver dust, and blue and green peacock glitter.

I didn't get a photo of me wearing "Fruit Loops." However, out of all of them, "Off With Her Head!" was my favorite!

{What I love}CONCEPT // Again, just the idea of make up and polished based around a fandom has me sold! I was looking at their website, and they do a fantastic job and really capturing each fandom! I keep eyeing all their Once Upon a Time and Harry Potter collections!

 STAY POWER //  Being that these polishes are very glittery, they have MAJOR stay power. I wore them without a base coat underneath and I had THE hardest time getting it off when I finally wanted to switch colors. If you're looking for chip-resistant polishes, check these out. For those of you who like switching polish colors often, I would suggest wearing a clear coat underneath to make it easier to come off (you can kind of peel it off this way)

{What I wish}
SHINE //  The only thing I was wanting out of these polishes was more shine. Their gritty texture means that even the shiniest of top-coats fall through the micro-crevices between the glitter, meaning it takes a lot of top coats to build up the type of shine I like. Even with two top coats on, I could still feel the grit. However, because these polishes are so beautiful, it doesn't bother me much. I can deal with it. :)

APPLICATION // As with many confetti-filled polishes, application of the "Off With Her Head!" polish took some time and strategy. I don't think there's anything you can do with that though.

What are some of your favorite fandoms?
Leave me a comment below! Or if you have any questions about these, I'd be happy to answer!

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