Monday, July 21, 2014

All About My Planner

My planner, around $10 from Target

I've been hunting for a decent planner for what feels like months (And gone through 3 or 4 of them in the process) but I think I finally found a planner I'm going to stick to. I'm extremely picky about my planners, so sometimes I have to make certain compromises to get one I like.

What I love about this planner:
  • Landscape orientation for easy viewing
  • Colorful interior!
  • Professional Planner layout (as opposed to Academic) to easily keep track of my "appointments"
  • Room for customization

"Tools" I use in My Planner:
  • Extra small, stickers for color coding
  • Multi-Colored Pen
  • Highlighters for crossing out finished events
  • Blue .5 mm rollerball pen
  • Colored flags (bookmark from Barnes & Noble) 
  • Post it notes (kept on the back inside cover) for on the go notes taking

You can see in more detail how I use my planner in the video below! For an overcap, I like to use the "Notes" section on the far right for my weekly running "To-Do List" and which blog posts I want to feature that week. Flags keep track of deadlines, special events, bills etc. The main daily area of my planner, I use to keep track of appointments, calls, conferences, things at specific times, to-do's for the day etc. If you noticed, I use a highlighter to cross out things that are done. Anything crossed out in pen means it's been canceled.

**Update: 7/22 @ 9:55 AM PST . . . Planner video now re-uploaded**

**Update: 7/21 @ 1:19 PST .  .  . Planner video is currently corrupt. New video will be processed and uploaded later tonight. Follow @ollivandermo on Twitter for updates**

What kind of planner do you use and how do you use it? 
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