Monday, September 08, 2014

My Tattoos

Last Friday I got my 6th tattoo done after not receiving any fresh ink for two years. I've been kind of down in the dumps lately and so I decided it was time to treat myself. In honor of the new tattoo, I thought I'd share with you my tattoos and their meanings. 

My "Protego" tattoo was actually my 4th tattoo. It's on my left rib, under my bra line. Protego is a protection spell from the Harry Potter series. I like the idea of having my own personal protection spell. I'm kind of a weird person in the sense that while I am extremely friendly and often wear my heart on my sleeve, I sometimes have a hard time letting people in. I get "close" to lots of people, but very few get deep with me. Very few get to see the side of me I don't wish to show because regardless of how close I get to people, there's always a part of me that is mine alone and I will always feel the need to keep people out. 

This tattoo was my 5th. It's a filmstrip in the shape of a heart. Majority of people who see this tattoo immediately ask me, "What's your favorite film?" The funny part is, I don't have one. I don't watch movies. I'm not a movie buff and this has nothing to do with films in the sense you might thing. I like to call this my YouTube tattoo. I've been on YouTube now for 4 (going on 5) years and it's changed and influenced me immensely. This is my subtle salute to what YouTube has done for me. 

Ignore my gross looking foot. This is my Lumos Maxima tattoo. It is, again, a spell from Harry Potter but this time it's for light. Lumos Maxima is basically the spell for the maximum amount of light. It's sort of a matching tattoo with my best friend AJ. She has "Lumos Solemn" (which is sunlight) on the same place but in a different font. It signifies both our love for Harry Potter and our friendship. We often say the we're "The same...but different." which is essentially summed up with Lumos Maxima and Lumos Solemn. We are both light, but different kinds of light. 

This tattoo right here was my first. If you're having trouble figuring out exactly what it is, it's the Hawaiian Islands. I was born and raised there and while I never felt I fit in entirely, it contributed largely to the person I am today. It will forever be a part of me. 

Before I go into detail about my newest tattoo, I'd like to mention that I am not sharing my tattoo of the golden snitch (yes, from Harry Potter). I'd like to get it redone in the future, and am not currently too eager to show it off, but just know it's there (on the rib opposite of my protego). 

NOW. The newest tattoo (still puffy and everything). It's an Augustus Burroughs quote that says, "I am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions." I absolutely adore it. I am not perfect and while I often get told I give off an air of perfection, I'm far from it. This quote spoke to me the first time I heard it when I was 14 (holy crap, was that really 8 years ago?). 

I love this quote and it has forever been my favorite. I am all flaws, but I mean well and that's what counts. It is the good intention that makes me beautiful. 

What are some tattoos that you have and what do they mean to you? 

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