Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Healthy Breakfast Idea: Kale, Eggs + Sausage!


Healthy breakfast ideas don't come to me easily by any means. I'm awful at eating healthy. In fact, I'm notorious around work for my snacking habits and inability to say 'no' to ice cream. However, I've been making a huge effort lately on changing my lifestyle. If I'm going to be a full-time adventurer, that means I'm going to need to take better care of my body. Proper nutrients and health is needed to conquer mountains and explore the world!

My friend Natalie actually gave me the idea for this amazing, healthy breakfast! I had stopped by her house one day to hang out before our scheduled appointment to get tattoos and she was kind enough to make us breakfast for lunch! Because she's a foodie like myself, I knew it was going to be good.

What she ended up making was steamed kale and spinach with a bit of grape tomatoes, soft boiled eggs and a bit of chicken. Lately I've been making variations of this same meal for my breakfast during the week!

Steaming the veggies are much healthier for you than cooking them in oil, and it's actually quite easy to do!


To steam the veggies...

Chop your kale into the appropriate size. Be sure to trim the stems off your kale as well. The stems don't cook very well so you'll want to make sure you just have the leaves. Place the kale in a large pan. 

As I mentioned earlier, the tomatoes do a great job and sweetening up your kale! I like to cut my grape tomatoes in half then toss them in the pan as well.

Add a little bit of water to the pan, cover the pan with a lid and let steam on medium/high heat until tender.


To make soft boiled eggs...

I usually make four eggs at a time. Soft boiled eggs are a little trickier than hard boiled, but after tons of trial and error, I've finally figured it out! 

First, fill a small pot with enough water to submerge your eggs completely in. Then place said pot on the stove and bring it to a boil on medium-high heat.

Once you have a good boil going, remove your large eggs from the fridge and use a large spoon or ladle to carefully place your eggs into the boiling water. 

Set your timer for 6 minutes. 

Once the 6 minutes is done, remove your pot from the stove and pour out the hot water. Run your eggs, in the pot under cold water for a bit, then peel and serve! 

Tell me what your favorite healthy breakfast recipes are in the comments below! 

I would love to try out some new ideas!

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