Thursday, June 25, 2015

Simple Skincare Foaming Cleanser Review

Adventures in the desert can get hot, sweaty and dirty real quick. After all the exploring is over, nothing feels better than getting squeaky clean from head to toe. After fellow blogger Esther of Local Adventurer linked me to an article explain how Cetaphil (my former cleanser) really wasn't that great of a cleanser I started looking into better options.

I'm by no means one of those people that needs something wholly organic and non-toxic with no carcinogens and blah-dee-blah. However, I thought this a great excuse to try out a new product. If I'm being honest, I don't usually have a skincare "routine" per say.

In the past, my skincare regimen meant using my Boots Expert Sensitive Cleansing Wipes to get my make up off before I passed out in bed. However, in my previous post I mentioned that whenever I had a small breakout (Which is pretty rare. My skin is good to me despite the fact that I'm not good to it) I reach for the travel-sized bottle of Cetaphil sitting in my medicine cabinet.

Since reading the article and chatting with Esther, I've tossed that product and removed my blog post singing praise about the product.

I'm currently testing out the Simple brand's Foaming Cleanser, said to be "kind to skin." 


Normal skin. Not prone to break-outs. Doesn't get dry. Doesn't get oily. I know. I'm lucky!


  • It's easy to work with. It's a foam so you don't have to work hard to work it into your skin. When I do use cleansers, I like using them with my Olay Pro X brush (basically a cheaper version of the Clairisonic) but some thicker cleansers get stuck in the bristles if you're not careful. This does not.
  • It's gentle. It doesn't dry out my skin...or do much of anything to my skin other than clean it. Which I like! My biggest problem with cleansers is that they tend to throw off the balance of my skin. I have normal skin. Some cleansers dry it out while others, I've found, will make it oily over time. This is why I sometimes don't do anything to my skin but use wipes to get my make up off. However, this cleanser doesn't do anything but clean. I like!
  • Smells good. This is a big thing for any beauty product I use. If I can't stand the smell of it, how am I supposed to use it!? It's a gentle formula for sensitive skin, so there are no 
  • It scores a 4/10 (yellow) on the Think Dirty App. According to the app, there are 11 ingredients on the list and only one of the ingredients scores above a 3. For those who have never used the Think Dirty App, 0-3 means clean, 4-6 means "half n' half" and 7-10 means dirty/toxic. 
  • It's easy to find. I don't like buying products that are difficult to find. Products that I need to order online, at a specialty store, or is likely to be discontinued/something else. I like products that I know are going to be around because I don't like being heartbroken when a product I love magically disappears. 
Would I purchase this product again? Probably. It's simple. I like simple.

What kind of cleanser do you use, and is it considered "clean?"

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