Thursday, July 23, 2015

Foxy Dori Traveler's Notebook Review


Traveler's Notebooks are basically a book cover made out of leather that uses elastic bands to secure multiple notebooks inside. They're great for artists, writers and notebook lovers alike. Like its name suggests, it makes it easier to travel and take along multiple notebooks.

Midori Traveler's Notebooks are the original, hailing from Japan. There are now loads of other "brands," that offer what are called "faux-doris," like mine. I ordered my faux-dori from Foxy Dori on Etsy.  Her prices range from $19 to $69 USD, depending on a variety of factors like the size, color or style of you Dori.

I received my Wanderlust Foxy Dori in the Butterscotch color around two or three months ago in the mail and I have been using it every day since!


So, what's great about the Foxy Dori?

Leather Quality
The leather is thick and sturdy but still pliable and soft. I did a lot of research and watched a lot of videos on a various faux-dori notebooks before I ordered mine. Some people use leather like the original Midori. Some use vinyl or other materials like cloth.

The vinyl doris tend to be a bit more stiff. Cloth or fabric midoris tend to be thinner and depending on what's put inside to keep the structure it can be stiff or flimsy.

The leather quality on the Foxy Dori is incredible. It smells amazing and it's an obvious winner.


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Practicality and Usage
My Foxy Dori currently houses three Moleskine/Field Notes sized blank notebooks. Mine has four elastics which means I could easily add another notebook if I wanted, however I currently only need three.

It's extremely convenient to be able to have three separate notebooks on you at the same time, without taking up as much space. The notebook inserts are thinner than the typical notebook, but, once they're filled up it's easy to remove and replace them.

My current set-up holds my YouTube + Blog ideas, a general "Brain Dump" book and my personal journal. You can use the Foxy for anything!

The best part about the Foxy Doris are that they are completely customizable. You can get them in the passport size and keep your passport in them, you can get a card holder insert and use it as a wallet (like I'm planning on doing) or you can use it as a planner.

Doris are made to be customized, which means every order is custom-made (this also means, turn around times are slower, but it's totally worth it)! When ordering your Foxy Dori you can choose the size, the color of your elastic, how many elastics you want on the inside and outside, if you want stitching, the color of your leather and if you want a charm on it.

Foxy Dori not only offers amazing quality, but they offer amazing colors as well. I'm debating between hot pink and mango yellow next.

Your challenge:
Tell me what kind of notebook you use to keep track of your ideas in the comments below! 
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