Tuesday, July 28, 2015

8 Things to Put in Your Carry-On

IMG_4207 Whether you have a strict carry-on-only policy or you're the check-in type who likes the freedom of roaming the airport and plane sans luggage, there are a few things you should always carry with you on the plane.

Important documents
Things like important legal papers, identification, passports and the like should always be taken with you on the plane. If for whatever reason you’re traveling with legal documents other than identification papers, you’ll want to ensure you never lose sight of them by keeping them on your person at all times. This one should be the easiest to remember, considering these are often what you need to get security or customs clearance.

Moisturizer and lip balm
It’s no secret that plane air is extremely dry. If you’re aiming to look and feel your best straight off the plane, keeping your skin and lips hydrated is key. Apply regularly for long flights and you’ll feel refreshed!

You should always carry things like laptops, tablets, ipods and cameras onto the plane with you. Electronics tend to be very fragile. Camera lenses and laptop screens have more of a chance of breaking when getting tossed around in your check-in luggage. These things are also probably the first things you’re reaching for at your destination. Keeping them with you means you’ll have easy access to them once you arrive. I also always make sure to keep them with their accompanying chargers.

Valuable jewelry 
I try not to wear jewelry on the plane. It usually doesn’t make metal detectors go off, but I’d rather not take the risk and save time in the security line. However, I always keep all fine jewelry in a small box and take it in my bag on the plane. That way, I can immediately put it on once I’ve arrived (and the swelling on my fingers have gone down).

An empty water bottle
Remember what I said about keeping hydrated to look and feel your best straight off the plane? Be sure to bring an empty water bottle and fill it up after you've cleared security to stay extra hydrated! Traveling can be rough on the skin and your health. Staying extra hydrated will keep you healthy inside and out.

A clean change of clothes
If after a long flight, you feel comfortable in the outfit you're wearing then good for you! Pack a change of clothes anyways. On the rare occasion the airline loses your luggage, you'll still have a clean outfit for the next day. Even if they don't you now also have the option to immediately change out of your plane outfit as soon as you land. Be sure to include a clean pair of undies, yeah?

Food + Snacks
Some airlines offer complimentary meals on longer flights. However, it's more likely that you'll need to whip out your cards to get a meal on a flight. Regardless of the situation, you never want to be stuck hungry and without access to food in any occasion. Whenever I fly--especially on long flights--I make sure I bring snacks! More often than not, I also pack a full-blow lunch with me.

A pen
When you travel overseas you'll need to fill out agriculture and/or customs forms. They usually don't give you a pen. Don't be caught without one.

What one thing do you ALWAYS put in your carry-on or personal item? Leave me a comment below!
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