Sunday, October 18, 2015

How I Stay Organized + Tips & Tricks

There are two things that I absolutely adore and love to share about here on Mo Explores--Adventures and Organization. I've been getting so many questions lately from people who are asking for my tips on staying organized. So, I'm finally coming out with it!

Here's how I stay organized along with a few takeaway tips. Not to mention, a couple FREEBIES to help you organize your digital life!

Unless you're new here, it's no surprise that I'm a huge advocate for planners. Everyone should use one. I use paper planners because I have a hard time associating my phone's calendar with productivity. I associate my cell phone with my cell phone with fun. However, having a paper planner helps put me in a mindset to work.

Currently, I use the Happy Planner in addition to my YouTube planner to keep all my thoughts, tasks and social media scheduling organized. I've also been experimenting with incorporating one of my Today Planners from my shop into my organization system. You can find those in my Etsy Shop.

Color Coding
As a highly visual person, color coding is my jam. I used to be very against color coding for the sole fact that I didn't want to carry so many different colored pens, but it's incredibly worth it. Not only does it make it easy to see what I need to take care of in a day at a glance, it my planner quite pretty at the end of the week!

I use the ever-popular Staedtler brand pens to color-code each task in my planner. If you prefer stickers, there are many Etsy shops that cater to planner lovers needs!

Write Everything Down 
Need I say more on this? What do you think the planner is for? Be it in your paper planner or in your digital planner, make sure you note down everything you need to.

Use a Desktop Organizer + Folder System
This is how I keep my digital life organized. I use a folder system on my desktop to keep track of raw footage vs edited YouTube videos, files I need for my website vs shop etc. I also use a desktop background organizer to keep all those folders on my desktop in place. This way there is a place for everything.

Download your FREE Desktop Organizer below!

As a bonus, I created two desktop wallpapers that you can download and use! Just click which file you want below to download.

wtrclr-sample wood-sample

If you want to learn more about how I keep everything organized, I go more in depth in my organization video below!

What clever ways do you keep your life organized? I'd love to hear from you!

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