Sunday, April 03, 2016

Spring Cleaning: Desk Junk Drawer


I feel like my life is basically a back-and-forth dance between having my "ish" together and on point and everything being complete chaos and all over the place. It's either one or the other.

I went out of town last weekend and my luggage is still on my bedroom floor mostly packed. These past few days have been me rummaging around in there and taking only what I need. I will say this though--Most days I have it all together. I'm pretty damn organized, if I do say so myself.

Something that's been driving me absolutely bonkers though has been my desk area. As much as I would love to have a designated room for my home office, I don't. I live in a one-bedroom apartment. While it's quite spacious for a one-bedroom, I also don't have a ton of space to create a home-office, so I make do with the space I do have.

Confession: While my place may look pretty neat and orderly, if you open the drawers where I keep all my desk + planner supplies, it's a hot mess.

So, in honor of spring cleaning, I've decided to clean up some of the drawers in my "office space." Most particularly, the drawer that holds most of my office and planner supplies and "junk." It's a partial junk drawer and partial actual things I need and use.


I've literally just been throwing everything I use while I'm at my desk in one of those cloth fabric cube cubby drawers. It's been a mess in there, believe me. It's been complicated trying to find a method to organize it all, but it I finally decided that labeled zip-lock bags were probably the easies way to go!

The cube drawer is deep, so having zip-lock bags with the tops labeled, is definitely the best method. I've been using this Espon Labelworks label printer to create labels for all my supplies and it's been working great!


The label printer connects via bluetooth and an app to my iPhone and I can customize my labels however I want! I can choose the font, font size, etc. There are a number of different fonts to choose from as well! There are a number of different things types of tape that you can use with the printer.

The basic one is a white tape that prints black text. There's also a clear tape with black text, a blue ribbon (whaaaat?) for black text and an iron-on label maker for fabrics!? Like what!? Since when are label makers so fancy!?

As you can see, the ribbon label thing is SUPER cool. I was just testing it out but I loved the look of it so I punched a hole in the ribbon and attached it to my keys. I have yet to try out the iron-on labels but I can't wait!


I'll admit, I wasn't expecting to think anything of this label maker. I've had label makers before, but this one is so cool, I can't even! At first, when I was testing it out, all I thought was "okay, great, a label maker." The thing that makes this so cool though, is the ribbon tape and the iron-on tape. Definitely so freaking cool!

The printer can be used by plugging it into an outlet, or with AA batteries. I mentioned earlier that you can connect it to your phone via app, but you can also do the same with a tablet and you can even plug it into your computer.

The Epson LabelWorks printer is normally $99.00 but if you use the discount code LW25SAV, you can save 25%!

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