Saturday, November 25, 2017

4 Must-Have Drugstore Skincare Products!

Skincare gadgets, tools and "extra" skincare products are my jam right now. I've been obsessed with buying anything and everything that's supposed to improve my skin, be it a crazy new gadget or a luxurious serum or cream. BUT because I'm so obsessed with buying literally everything and anything, that means that I need to be weary of how much each product costs.

I've put together a list of a few of the awesome skincare finds I've been using lately that don't break the bank. You and your new, amazing skin can thank me later!

F A C I A L   S T E A M E R -- $30

One of my absolute favorite things to do on a weekly basis is give myself a long, luxurious facial. When you go to get a professional facial, they most likely will use steam to open up your pores. I recently got one on amazon to use at home and it has been SO nice.

Doing an at home facial and masking at home always makes my skin feel great afterwards, but with the steamer my skin feels softer than ever. I've seen so many expensive steamers out there (the Panasonic one is almost a hundred bucks!) but I turned to Amazon and found this affordable option

I love essence. This one by ELF is the first one I've tried and it's made me excited to look into other brands out there that sell affordable essences! When I first heard about them on YouTube, the only ones I really heard about were by the brand SK-II but their essence runs for $179. WHAT? Definitely out of price range.

So when I was browsing through Target and saw that ELF had come out with a new skincare line and they were offering an essence and it was under $20 even...I was sold! It is DEFINITELY worth the buy. This essence has become a staple in my skincare routine.

Even when I decide to skip my usual 14-steps and just stick to cleansing and moisturizing, I still always put on this essence before my moisturizer. I love it and it's now a must-have for me!

(PS -- ELF is currently having a 50% OFF SALE until 11/27/17 for all orders over $30! Take advantage!)

H Y A L U R O N I C   A C I D   S E R U M -- $5-$15

Serums are another amazing step I've added that has made a day and night difference with my skin. hyaluronic acid sounds kind of scary (at least it did to me at first) but it's meant to help your skin retain moisture and revitalize the outer layers of your skin. That means softer, younger-looking skin!

This one is the exact one that I have from TJ Maxx. You can also try this one from Amazon if you prefer.

Bonus: I also love Vitamin C serum for my skin. I got my two serums from TJ Maxx for $5 each (seriously such a steal! I always recommend TJ Maxx or Ross for awesome skincare finds!) but you can also get them on Amazon for pretty cheap. I honestly love Amazon for everything. With Prime it shows up to my door in 2 days and I never even have to leave my house! Which I never do. LOL
Facial sponges have CHANGED MY LIFE. Okay, not really, but it's made washing my face so much easier! Facial sponges come to you paper thin and dry. Once you add water they puff up and are so great for getting off your cleanser or face mask without getting your arms + the skin all soaked!

Basically it makes rinsing off your face so much neater. I've seen them at Target sold by EcoTools for $5 for 3 of them. You can also buy them in bulk on Amazon to save some money. If I remember correctly this is the one I ordered but you can literally get them in packs of 50+ if you want! 

What low-end skincare products have you been loving lately? Let me know in the comments so I can try it out! 

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