Monday, November 20, 2017

Pet Treater Dog Subscription Box Unboxing & Review

My fur baby recently turned 1 year old! Everyone who knows me knows that Solo is absolutely 100% my spoiled rotten baby. Back towards the end of September, I planned ahead and started looking into pet subscription boxes for his October 26th birthday. I ended up deciding on Pet Treater because it was one of the cheaper boxes and it looked like it came with a lot of cool stuff!

P E T   T R E A T E R   C O N S

I ordered the box on September 29th. Unfortunately for me, it took almost exactly one month for our first box to arrive. After reading through their FAQ page, I saw that it estimated 14 business for the first box. So I sent a couple emails to customer service (who basically just told me that it was on its way), waited some more and then the box finally arrived. On October 26th. Literally the day of his birthday.

So while it took forever to get there, it was still happy that the box at least arrived in time for his birthday!

Another down side to the box is that one of the dog toys (the duck) broke in a little over a week. Solo isn't an aggressive chewer by any means except when it comes to plastic toys. He still has his first-ever stuffed toy from when he was a puppy! So I was shocked when the duck--his absolute favorite toy from the box--had busted open.

What we got:
  • A crinkle & squeak monkey toy
  • A stuffed duck that *did* make quacking noises (in the video you'll see I can't figure it out)  
  • Two Halloween (ish) themed bandanas
  • A padded mat to kneel on while giving your pup a bath
  • A dog-themed drawstring backpack 
  • A baggie full of homemade dog treats
  • A decorated pumpkin cookie
  • A pack of doggie safe oreos
  • Some rolled fish skin dog treats
There were also a few gift cards and other things in there for the "human," but to be honest I mostly cared about what was in there for Solo! 

P E T   T R E A T E R   P R O S

I loved the stuffed toys that Solo got! They were perfect for him because he loves soft toys! I thought it was perfect that the crinkle-monkey was in there as well because Solo loves that crinkle sound. I honestly wish that they had traded some of the human things in the box for more toys, but oh well.

The doggie Oreos ended up being a hit with him. He loves eating them (although he's not a picky dog at all when it comes to food) and they didn't give him a tummy ache, which some different treats and foods do. The homemade dog treats were a thumbs up as well, as was the cute-AF pumpkin cookie! 

The fish skin treats were an interesting addition. At first I thought it was kind of weird but thinking about it, this was part of the reason I signed him up for a box -- so that he could have a ton of new stuff to try out that I would never think of getting him! 

F I N A L   T H O U G H T S

I'm not sure how I feel about this box. At the time of posting this, I'm still waiting on my second box. I know it hasn't been but I feels like I've been waiting FOREVER. Especially because I got the shipping notification on the 9th of this month and now on the 19th, I'm still waiting for it to arrive. I'm hoping that when the second box gets here everything in it will be amazing so that it's at least worth it!

Do you get a subscription box for your pet? Which one do you use? Let me know in the comments below!  

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