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Beginner Eyebrow Tips & Tricks

Your brows are such a key player in having great makeup, but learning to fill your brows properly is kind of tough! It took me years to develop my brow skills and even know I don't feel like I'm as great as some girls I've seen out there!

Regardless, today I'm sharing you some of the brow secrets I've learned along the way.

1.  S P O O L I E S   A R E   Y O U R   B F F 

Whether you decide to use pencil, powder or pomade you must have a spoolie! Not having a spoolie to perfect your brows is like only having the little sponge tip applicators to do your makeup -- While it's entirely possible to get a decent look out of it, your makeup would look SO much better with a proper blending brush!

So, why would you do your brows without a spoolie? You need that spoolie to evenly distribute the product throughout your brows without giving it a crazy sharpie look. TRUST ME. 

2.  B L E N D ,   B L E N D ,   B L E N D

Oh, you thought we were done talking about spoolies and blending? NOPE. I'm dead serious! Blend your brows like there's no tomorrow!

I always start by outlining the tops and bottoms of the brow, then blend the color towards the middle of the brow before I even think about adding any more product to the center. Blend as you go, after you make any significant placement of color. This will help you not to over-do it with the product and avoid way-too-dark brows.

3.  D O N ' T   F O L L O W   T H E   * E X A C T *   S H A P E   O F   Y O U R   B R O W S 

Every tutorial I've ever seen always says to "follow the natural shape of your brow." While they're not entirely wrong, you don't want to follow the exact shape of your natural brows. Especially if the shape of your brows aren't all that great! It's okay to improve your shape with makeup. Most people do!

Take a look at this photo of my brows (below). The top line is where I like to outline and shape my brows. The lower line is where my brow hairs actually grow. If I were to follow that line, I would have entirely different eyebrows!

If you need a better explanation of what I'm talking about, be sure to click play on my eyebrow routine below!

4. Y O U  M U S T   C O N C E A L !

I'm telling you, this will chnage your brow's life if you haven't already started doing this! Concealing beneath and above your brows are serious game changers if you're trying to achieve that clean, professional-looking brow. Even if you're doing a terrible job at grooming and upkeeping all the stray hairs, concealing will help to make everything look super clean.

I never used to believe in concealing my brows. It was an extra step and I didn't think it made that big of a difference, but trust me...IT DOES. If you watch my video you can see just how big of a difference it makes!


I use brow gel to finish off my brows for a number of reasons. First, it acts as a kind of barrier to help prevent the pencil, pomade or powder from slipping all over the place. If you get a waterproof gel, then it will really help your brows stay in place. Second, My hairs don't really grow towards the front of my brows. To make it look fuller and thicker, I use the gel to define the hairs there and make them stand up. 

Another reason you could use brow gel is if you want to add just a tiny bit more color. If you buy tinted brow gel, you can always darken or lighten up your brows if the color of your brow product isn't exactly the color you're looking for. 

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What type of products do you use for your brows? Let me know in the comments below!

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Beginner Brow Tips + Tricks