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Valentine's Day Gift for Men | JORD Watches Giveaway!

This post is in collaboration with JORD Watches, but all opinions are my own.

Hey guys! Valentine's day is coming up and I know that the whole present giving thing can be such a struggle for some girls so I thought I'd share something with you guys! Be sure to read to the very end for the giveaway!

A little under two weeks ago Brandon and I got MARRIED. He's my HUSBAND now! Eek. That's going to take some getting used to. When it came to exchanging wedding gifts, I was at a loss. Buying gifts for him is always a struggle because he doesn't really have a "thing." Well. He loves Star Wars but he has enough of those things for now so getting him a practical gift that won't just sit on the shelf collecting dust is a struggle. Whenever I ask if he's had his eye on anything he always shrugs his shoulders says "nothing really." SIGH.

Cue JORD, A wooden watch company with gorgeous designs!

I've seen these watches around a few times on the internet and thought it would be the perfect solution for a classy, useful and thoughtful gift! Ordering it was a breeze. I used a tape measure to measure his wrist for sizing purposes (luckily for me he doesn't pay much attention to those type of things) and chose a style.

I went for a more simple design and chose the Frankie in dark sandalwood and smoke
because I knew that this would be Brandon's first nice watch and I wanted him to be able to wear it with different things!

The watch came to me in such beautiful packaging. It came in this amazing wooden box, which made it so easy for me to just slap a bow on it and carry it directly to him as his gift on our wedding day!


Although, I've got to say that the thing that made this such a special, special gift was their watch engraving option. On the back, I was able to put a short message and include our wedding date (1.28.18 -- the dots are difficult to see in the photo) so that every time he wears it, he can remember our amazing wedding day.

Maybe I've just gone soft since the wedding but I just think that it's so so special to have, and the small touch of personalization warms my heart.


Inside of the box you get your watch -- which, by the way, smells AMAZING. Okay. It smells like wood. So I guess I think wood smells amazing! -- a little pillow to hold it, a pen full of their finishing oil to keep your watch conditioned and prevent cracks or damages, a polishing rag, instructions for care and extra links and pins to adjust your watch size!

Brandon's watch ended up being the perfect fit due to me measuring his wrist, but it's nice to know we have the extra links!


I think JORD watches are beautiful and Brandon was impressed with my gift choice for him, leaving me so pleased with myself. I can tell he actually likes it and isn't just lying to me because he's gone around showing it to his family and friends, saying how cool it is and how he finally has a nice watch to wear when he gets dressed up! LOL!

So, what are my actual thoughts on JORD watch?

I'm pleasantly surprised by how much I love it! I know it's not mine, but I'm so impressed by the quality of the watch! Here's a quick bullet point list of my thoughts:

  • The watches are in a decent price range for their category. It may seem pricey at first but they're higher-quality watches, and run around the same price range as other watch brands in the same tier.
  • Brandon has commented on how light the watch feels due to the wood and he absolutely loves it. Not really something that I thought about but it's good to know!

  • The wood thing is so unique and fun to me. As someone who likes nice things, but doesn't quite like designer names (it just feels sooo bougie to me) I'm so impressed by this watch.
  • They make wooden bands to go with apple watches and I'm highly considering getting one for the days that I want to be a little more fancy with my techy-watch because I’m low-key jealous of Brandon’s watch.


If you're interested in getting a JORD watch for your guy (or gal!) for Valentine's day, you can enter my giveaway to win a $100 coupon code to go towards a watch!

All you need to do is click here or visit and fill out the form to enter!

The giveaway ends on 2/11/18 and the winner will receive a $100 coupon code to go towards a JORD watch!

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