Friday, August 03, 2018

It Begins Again...

So. I’ve decided to revert back to my beginnings—blogging in the true and rawest form. Remember the days of Xanga and Live Journal? The days when blogging was literally a personal diary of all your thoughts and re-caps of your favorite days, only everyone and anyone with internet had access to your thoughts? That’s what I’m going for.
I’ve decided to make it a challenge. I literally just decided that right this second. Oh no. What have I done. Today is August 2nd. I’d like to write every day until the end of August, even if it’s just a short blurb. I want it to be fun again. For now, this is my little secret. Oh, but GOD am I so bad at keeping those. I never share secrets maliciously. It’s like my brain doesn’t know what my mouth is doing. Or in the very least that for a few moments, I’ve forgotten the definition of “secret.” Oh whale. We’ll see how this goes.
I’m going to attempt to read in the dark now (by flashlight). Note to self: Tomorrow do a post on my trip to Washington.

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