New to blogging? Want to start a YouTube channel? This page is full of all the stuff I use personally and recommend for new bloggers and YouTubers looking to invest in themselves -- but on a budget!

C A M E R A   G E A R 

Starting a YouTube channel? -- The Canon G7X is a great, versatile point and shoot great for vlogging on-the-go or making sit-down videos. Get the upgraded Mark II version here.

Want a DSLR instead? -- The Canon T5i or T6i are great, affordable options with flip-out screens. 

Looking for a tripod? -- This one is a great mini-tripod for vloggers and if you're starting out, any full-sized tripod will do. Try this one! 

B L O G G I N G   T E C H

Trying to decide where to host your blog? A lot of people use + recommend I personally use Blogspot/Blogger!

For a domain name, I got mine on Go Daddy.